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Nearly 20 years working as an IT bod at pretty much all levels, infrastructure is my passion. I go by Frank and Mat by the way.

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Server : Suppress Server Manager


If you want to prevent server manager from running every time a user logs into a server you might be tempted to down the route of a GPO.…

Mat Grumpy Tech

FortiGate: Enable logging of API events


My last post was about how to backup your FortiGate via the API which is very handy. To add to that software version 7.0.4…

Mat Grumpy Tech

PowerShell: Backing up a FortiGate via its API in PowerShell.

#PowerShell #Fortinet

I took this on expecting it to be pretty horrible but in the end it turn out to be surprisingly easy to do. The first thing…

Mat Grumpy Tech

PowerShell : Function for logging events.

I have found that when writing scripts I don't do enough event logging, and when I do decide to log something its not usually enough. Hence…

Mat Grumpy Tech