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PowerShell: Windows Storage Spaces (WSS) health check + email alerts

#PowerShell #Storage

Someone asked me for a way to alert on Windows Storage Spaces (WSS) issues on their home NAS server. My answer was a very dissapointing "…

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Storage: Windows Storage Deduplication


If you run environments with thousands of virtual servers all running very similar operating systems then it's time we talked deduplication. Consider this... You…

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Storage: Windows Storage spaces S2D

#Hyper-V #PowerShell #Storage

I have written a guide on testing storage with VM-fleet [] that goes well with this. Generally speaking when testing something new I…

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Storage: Testing with VM-Fleet

#PowerShell #Storage #Hyper-V

There are a lot of guides for this out there and I'm convinced 99% of them are just badly copied from someone else guide.…

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