Obtain VM hostname from Hypervisor via WMI/Hyper-V Data Exchange Service (KVP)

#Hyper-V #Azure #PowerShell

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PowerShell, Intune: How to disable teams GPU acceleration with Intune/GPO.

#Azure #PowerShell

High CPU usage caused by Teams? The chances are GPU acceleration needs to be disabled. this is easy on one machine but if you have hundreds then you need a script. Lucky most settings in Teams are configured in a handy json file…

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PowerShell: Uploading (Migrating) files to OneDrive using PowerShell

#PowerShell #Azure #Office365

Copying files into OneDrive for as an individual is easy. If you're responsible for migrating 500 users into OneDrive it is not...…

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Azure AZ-103 : Supported Workflows


We need to know what workloads we can put in Azure and what is supported. This is quite a big list which Microsoft provide here [https:…

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