PowerShell, Intune: How to disable Teams GPU acceleration with Intune/GPO - Updated for new Teams

#PowerShell #Azure

This is an update to Credit for this one goes to the user Dacid Salin. Thanks Dacid. Much appreciated. <#$FilePath = "C:\Users\…

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PowerShell, Azure : Access Azure AD via CLI with MFA

#Azure #Office365 #PowerShell

A pretty simple one but something that seems to stump a lot of people. Much of the guidance around connecting to Azure AD suggests you do…

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PowerShell, Azure: Set passwords to never expire in Azure AD

#Azure #PowerShell #Office365

Password strategy is hard. A lot of it seems to have been written by people who are very interested in the theoretical capabilities of hardware most…

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Obtain VM hostname from Hypervisor via WMI/Hyper-V Data Exchange Service (KVP)

#Hyper-V #Azure #PowerShell

Before you continue please consider clicking on one of the horrible ads. I know they are a pain but they help me pay for the hosting…

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