PowerShell : Function for logging events.

I have found that when writing scripts I don't do enough event logging, and when I do decide to log something its not usually enough.

Hence I have written this nice little block of code that creates functions specifically for creating and maintain a log for your amusement.

Just copy thing code into your script, set the constants like log location, then use:

Add-LogEvent -content "Add event text"

to log anything you like, remembering to run

Check-LogLength -EventsToSave $EventsToSave

at some point.

Your log will look like this:

$LogLocation ="c:\temp\"
$LogName = "testlog.txt"
$global:FullPath = $LogLocation + $LogName
$EventsToSave = 10

if (Test-Path -Path $FullPath) {}
    mkdir $logLocation
    New-Item $FullPath
    Add-LogEvent "Log Created" $FullPath

Check-LogLength -EventsToSave $EventsToSave

Function Add-LogEvent {

    Param ($content)
    $time = Get-Date
    $LogEvent = "Event : " + $time + " : " + $content
    add-Content $FullPath $LogEvent

Function Check-LogLength {

    Param ([Parameter(Mandatory=$true)]$EventsToSave)

    $LogContent = Get-Content $FullPath 
    $EventsToPurge = $LogContent.Count - $EventsToSave

    if ($EventsToPurge -gt 0)
        For ($i=1; $i -le $EventsTopurge; $i++) 
            echo $i
            $LogContent[$i] = $null

            del $FullPath
            New-Item $FullPath
            Set-Content $FullPath $LogContent