PowerShell: Create random password function V2.

A while ago I wrote this. It generated you a random password based on a character set defined within the code. It does what its supposed to but its not great if you are generating password for human beings. They are totally random and pretty hard to remember.

So now we have the all new random password generator V2!

    Function Get-RandomWord() # First I define something to get a random word
    $wordsite= invoke-WebRequest -Uri https://randomword.com/ #some random word website        
    $Regex = [Regex]::new("(?<=random_word)(.*)(?=div>)") #pulling out the word
    $MessyMatch = $Regex.Match($wordsite.content) 
    $word = $MessyMatch -replace '[ "></]','' #more cleaning up
    return $word #Here's your word
    $length = 1 # The amount of the characters and numbers
    $FirstWord = Get-RandomWord #Get first word
    $SecondWord = Get-RandomWord #Get second word

    For ($a=48;$a –le 57;$a++) {$ascii+=,[char][byte]$a } #Number
    For ($a=33;$a –le 38;$a++) {$Char+=,[char][byte]$a } #Some special characters
    $TempPassword = ($FirstWord |GET-RANDOM)
    $TempPassword += ($SecondWord |GET-RANDOM)
    For ($loop=1; $loop –le $length; $loop++) 
            $TempPassword+=($ascii| GET-RANDOM)
    For ($loop=1; $loop –le $length; $loop++) 
            $TempPassword+=($Char| GET-RANDOM)
    $TempPassword # Your password

Now this all works marvellously apart from one tiny little thing.... The word source I have used throws up some pretty obscure words that are anything but easy to rememeber possibly making this a pointless endeavour.

If you know a better word source please let me know.