Azure AZ-103 : Supported Workflows

We need to know what workloads we can put in Azure and what is supported. This is quite a big list which Microsoft provide here. I won't go into all of it but I think its important to understand things like what Operating Systems are supported.

Windows Server Support

Windows Server 2003

You may be surprised to see this on the list but there it is. There are some caveats that you need to adhere to but in theory if you want to spin up a Windows server 2003 in your Azure instance it is entirely possible.

  • You need to provide your own image
  • There is no market place support
  • You need to have your own custom support agreement (CSA) for support. They aren't going to offer even the most basic of support on this product without a CSA

You can find more information on Azure and Microsoft 2003 server here.

Windows Server 2008 R2

Support for this has officially ended but you can build supported VM's provided you still purchase Extended Security Updates which will potentially take you to 2023.  

VM's migrated to Azure from on prem currently get this extended support for free.

Not all Windows server 2008 R2 are supported in Azure. Bellow is a list of unsupported roles.

The list of unsupported server roles is as follows:

  • BitLocker Drive Encryption (on the operating system hard disk, may be used on data disks)
  • Internet Storage Name Server
  • Multipath I/O
  • Network Load Balancing
  • Peer Name Resolution Protocol
  • RRAS
  • Direct Access
  • SNMP Services
  • Storage Manager for SANs
  • Windows Internet Name Service
  • Wireless LAN Service

Windows 2012 & Windows 2019

As you would probably expect these OS options are currently supported.

Desktop OS Support

Window 10 Professional and Enterprise

Are both supported in Azure.

Linux distro's

There are quite a few now. Microsoft tend to push you towards Redhat or Suse but the full list of supported distros can be found here.