WSUS : Error 80246008

My blog is typically more 'how to' then firefighting but I noticed a few of what I would call "Whacky" fixes for this wsus error and felt the need present an easier fix.

If your machine is showing in WSUS but when you try and download updates you get the following error code : 80246008

Then you have a problem with yout 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service'.

To double check if this is the case, go to services and try and start 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service' and you will see you get some sort of error relating to 'SID' conflicts or the sort.

basically the 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service' is tryign to share a process ID for reasons that are beyond me at the time of writing this. I do however know how to fix it.

Open CMD as Administrator and issue the following command

 SC config bits type= own

This will tell BITS to use its own ID in future.  Now start the BITS servive and try WSUS again and it should magically work, or more likely as its WSUS, you'll uncover the next show stopping error.