Hyper-V, PowerShell, SCVMM: Audit Dynamic MAC address ranges

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I am in a more PowerShell and less hands on technical role at the moment. The way it seems to work is someone will say to me.

"We need to audit this on these hosts"

and then I rustle up a bit of code that does said thing.  

This script will tell you the dynamic MAC address ranges being dished out by hosts that are being managed by SCVMM, and save it as a CSV via a hash table.

$ClusterNodes = Invoke-Command -ComputerName <nameofSCVMM> -ScriptBlock {Get-SCVMHost}

$ClusterallMACRanges =@()

Foreach ($ClusterNode in $ClusterNodes)
    $ClusterMACRanges =@{}

    $NodeMacRange = Get-VMHost -ComputerName $ClusterNode 
    $ClusterallMACRanges = $ClusterallMACRanges + $ClusterMACRanges    

# Convert the hash table to CSV format manually as the in-built functions suck
$ClusterHostMACInfoST = $null

    $ClusterHostMACInfoST += "Hostname"
    $ClusterHostMACInfoST += ", "
    $ClusterHostMACInfoST += "MACAddressMinimum"
    $ClusterHostMACInfoST += ", "
    $ClusterHostMACInfoST += "MacAddressMaximum"
    $ClusterHostMACInfoST += "`n"

foreach ($ClusterallMACRange in $ClusterallMACRanges)
$ClusterHostMACInfoST +=  $ClusterallMACRange.Name
$ClusterHostMACInfoST += ", "
$ClusterHostMACInfoST +=  $ClusterallMACRange.MACAddressMinimum
$ClusterHostMACInfoST += ", "
$ClusterHostMACInfoST +=  $ClusterallMACRange.MacAddressMaximum
$ClusterHostMACInfoST += "`n"

$ClusterHostMACInfoST |Out-File -FilePath c:\temp\macs.csv