AZ-900 crib sheet

I took this exam on the 7th and passed. Yay me! I can conform that this stuff will indeed help you pass this exam.

Hello everyone.

I have my own feelings on the value of vender certification, but we won't go into that here. Needless to say I have in the past been blessed with being in a role where I didn't need them. However I recently took a step back into the world of contracting and the situation I find myself in these days is, if I don't have the cert I'm not even getting an interview. Seems my MCDST from 2007 or multiple expired VCP's just don't cut it any more.

So I have decided to get back on the cert wagon and get my AZ-900, which in theory I should sail through, right?

Here is my crib sheet of exam areas that are a bit misleading, or super specific question about stuff you don't realistically need to know that could trip you up. This will be getting added to as I go though it.

Good Luck

Resource groups

  • Resource groups don't inherit tags
  • They do inherit permissions

Advisor tool

  • Will give advice on how you could make financial savings
  • Will not give you advice on security of Azure AD

Support Plans
They will ask you very specific questions about this
I mean, as if you will ever need to memorise this stuff, its right here. Regardless they do so you need to know it.

  • A free azure account has the same SLA's as a paid for one
  • A free azure account has the basic support plan that does not include technical support
  • Services in public preview do not have an SLA
  • Azure AD has a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • None of the plans has a 10 minute SLA. The best you can do is the premium plan and 15 minutes

Cost Etc

  • You use Pricing Calculator to work out how much something costs
  • If you have downtime you will be given service credits as compensation
  • If you are running a Pay-as-you-go environment you can only have a maximum of 20 vCPU's out of the box. you can get more but you need to raise a ticket.
  • You can only have one free Azure account
  • You can merge 2 subscriptions in the portal

Azure tools

  • Azure policies control the access of azure administrators
  • Windows 10 has access to all the azure tools
  • So does ubuntu
  • So does a Mac
  • Android has Azure cloud shell and power apps
  • Remember Azure CLI is not PowerShell, no matter how much it would make sense for it to be PowerShell, it's not.
  • Remember Azure Cloud shell is PowerShell (ouch my head)
  • You get compliance reports from "Microsoft Trust centre"
  • Events are stored in Azure Log analytical. Think event log.

General Functionality

  • Availability zones protect against DC failure
  • Availability zones are not currently available in all regions
  • You can manage resources across multiple subscriptions with "Management Groups"


  • MFA (two-factor) is controlled by Azure identity protection
  • Azure firewall & Network Security Groupsare very similar things. A general rule is, if the traffic is coming from the internet to your vNetwoks, it should go through a Azure firewall. If its between your vNetworks, then its a NSG.
  • Ports are opened using "network security groups"
  • Application passwords are stored in the key vault

IOT Tools

  • Azure time series insights’ “Helps provide a powerful data exploration and telemetry tools to help you refine operational analysis”
  • IOT Central “Provides a Fully managed SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that makes it easy to connect, monitor and manage your IoT assets at scale”


  • SQL is platform as a service
  • CDN is platform as a service

Mad shit that is there for no discernible reason